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and she was even more stunned when Corey sat down on her stool and began calmly masturbating while watching Lu getting sucked off by Winnie!!! “Sit down,” Corey whispered loudly to Raye Anne, “and just do what I do!!!” “Oh, no,” Raye Anne replied, “I-I just couldn't!!!” By now Corey's cunt had become extremely squishy and she ordered, “You might as well get with it, honey, if you're gonna make it in this life you hafta get along!!!” “I-I've never done anything like this before,” Raye Anne whispered, mortified at the strange turn of events!!! “You’ve never masturbated,” Corey asked as her breathing became more labored!?! “Uh, no, of course not,” Raye Anne replied, “I just mean that I've never, you know, done it with a woman!!!” “Hurry up and sit down,” Corey pleaded, “just look at Lu, she's getting her cunt eaten right in front of everyone and she's fucking loving it!!!” Raye Anne looked back over at the two lesbians, and for the first time, she could feel a stab of desire coursing though her pussy, so with her resistance flagging, she dropped to her stool, stuck her hand into her shorts, and found her clitoris!!!

As she masturbated away with Corey while watching Lu and Winnie, Raye Anne didn't even notice when Mariah Howell stepped in front of her and overtly shoved her pussy forward and said, “So you're the new hot shit little slut who thinks she knows it all, huh, well you don't know nothin' until you've eaten Mariah's pussy!!!” With her eyes the size of silver dollars, Raye Anne offered little or no resistance as the old pro grabbed her by the back of the neck and pulled her Raye Anne's mouth to her gaping cunt!!!” While she had never tasted another woman, Raye Anne was stunned at how easy she allowed herself to be used for the personal pleasure of these older women!!! “Do your clit and eat my pussy, you little bitch,” Mariah Howell demanded, “you think you're such hot shit, when all you are is a cunt lapping little whore!!!” “Jesus, what was happening to her,” she thought to herself, “she was starting to love it, my god, was she crazy!!!” Furiously she frigged her clit while her tongue slithered all over Mariah Howell's wide open vagina, and incredibly, as Lu Bracken moaned loud and long as her orgasm swept through her, Corey, Mariah, and of course Raye Anne, all had cunt shaking climaxes of their own, leaving half of the women in the room panting from the experience!!! As she slumped against her locker Raye Anne asked Corey, “D-do we ever have time to play tennis!?!” Both Corey and Mariah broke into laughter as Corey replied, “Of course we do, between all of the sucking and fucking, that is!!!” “Fucking,” Raye Anne asked doubtfully, “how do you fuck, I though you needed a man for that!?!” Again the room broke down in laughter, but this time it quieted down quickly as Ginger Wilcox answered quietly, “Just like this, Raye Anne,” as she stood passively in the corner while wearing a ten inch black strap on dildo!!! As Ginger slowly walked towards her with the thick rubber cock bouncing menacingly in front of her, Raye Anne couldn't help it as her cunt was flooded with a deluge of pussy juice, while it anticipated the sure fucking that was about to come!!!

Ginger Wilcox stood calmly in front of the shaking young girl and asked softly, “Are you still a virgin, baby!?!” With her mouth dry and her voice wavering Raye Anne barely managed to whisper, “Y-yes, I am, i-is that bad?!?” A broad smile spread over the big dykes face and she replied, “On the contrary, I just love poppin the cherries of all the little pussies that come on tour, and believe me, I'm gonna love popping yours!!!” As she was close to being in a trance, Raye Anne didn't even notice when Corey and Mariah helped her to her feet and tugged off her shorts and panties, leaving her completely naked and available to the attack that was sure to follow!!! Leading the dazed girl to the training table, Corey and Mariah helped her up onto the massage table, leaving her legs hanging over the front edge and her pussy at the perfect spot to be taken by the standing Ginger!!! In a very quiet voice, and as she stepped between the stunned girl's thighs, she said to her comrades, “Hold her down, I don't want her to move!!!” For the first time real fear raced through her as she felt her arms being pinned to the padded table as Ginger moved closer to her drooling vagina while brandishing her brutish tool!!! “Okay, baby,” Ginger cooed, “mama's gonna pop your cherry, are you ready?!?” “Oh, god,” Raye Anne moaned, “i-it's gonna hurt bad, isn't it!?!” “Now, now,” Ginger replied softly, “don't worry about a thing, by the time I'm finished you're gonna be begging me not to stop!!!” Raye Anne clenched her teeth and fists while waiting for Ginger to take her, but instead of a vicious assault, Ginger merely used the head of her pecker to masturbate the length her pussy, and just as the old dyke had predicted, the young girl relaxed, forgetting what was about to happen to her!!!

“Oh, Ginger,” Raye Anne moaned, “t-that feels wonderful, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, god, do my clit, yeah, just like that!!!” “Mmmmmm, so you like that do you,” Ginger asked softly while continuing to do the youngster's clit, “so how do you like this!?!” The whole room was filled with the banshee like scream that erupted from Raye Anne's throat as the thick black cudgel slammed full length into her tight virginal pussy and continued ramming in and out as Ginger viciously fucked the hot shot from Michigan!!! Her scream persisted for another minute or so, but soon the screams were being interspersed with groans of pleasure as the piston like strokes drove her cunt towards her first cock induce orgasm of her young life!!! As it was now apparent, Raye Anne was not only getting into the groove of things, she was returning each thrust with a push of her own, which naturally drove Ginger to thrust even harder!!! From around the room, masturbating tennis pros offered, “Fuck her Ginger, make that little bitch your fucking whore,oh yeah, girl, fuck the living shit out her, make her cum like the little cunt she is!!!” In the back of her mind Raye Anne could barely remember what Ginger had predicted, but unbelievably it was turning out to be true, she loved it more that she could have ever known, and now she not only was a lesbian pussy she was a cock hungry whore who couldn't get enough!!!

It was like a volcano that was about to erupt, with the pressure building and building until nothing on this planet could contain it, and that was exactly what Raye Anne's pussy was going through right now, as Ginger's fucking was winding her cunt tighter and tighter until like a dam bursting, allowing her orgasm to flow from her pussy like a river raging out of control!!! “Oh, my fucking god,” she gasped, “I-I'm cumming so hard, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, goddddddddd, help me, oh please, get me fucking offfffffffffffffffffff!!!” The whole locker room had turned into a harem of pleasure with at least ten or eleven women frigging their pussies in unison to the time of Ginger's metronome like fucking, which coupled with the sound of ten women climaxing at once was enough to almost raise the roof of the locker room!!!

As she pulled the thick rubber dick from Raye Anne's shredded pussy Ginger said softly, “There now, you're one of us, how do you feel!?!” A wan smile broke across Raye Anne's face and she replied, “Who cares about tennis?!?”


Hentai: [Uribatakebokujou (Makuwauni)] Tobira no Mukou (Touhou Project) [Digital]

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[うり畑牧場 (まくわうに)] とびらのむこう (東方Project) [DL版]

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