Casado Update Shimasuka? - Os Tan

Having my holes plugged, especially my dirty hole is all new to me, and yet when I think of being on my hands and knees, your hand in my hair forcing your cock deep in my throat I cannot control the squirming. Oh Master, you have no idea how much I want to feel you, to be tied helpless, blindfolded in front of you, waiting for the slightest touch, will it be a stroke, or a smack, I crave the stroke of your fingertips equally as much as the thrash of your cane.

Hentai: (C67) [Ekesetene. (Sugawara Tsukasa)] Update Shimasuka? (OS-tan)

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(C67) [えけせてね。 (菅原つかさ)]アップデートしますか?(OSたん)

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