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I leave another voicemail for Jeff with all of the pertinent information. Money Talks Utai Tekute Trans Conversion… Out of the closet came the sling.

Hentai: (C77) [Kakumei Seifu Kouhoushitsu (Kamiya Suzuka, RADIOHEAD)] Lunatic Udon (Touhou Project) [English] [biribiri]

Lunatic Udon 1Lunatic Udon 2Lunatic Udon 3Lunatic Udon 4Lunatic Udon 5Lunatic Udon 6Lunatic Udon 7Lunatic Udon 8Lunatic Udon 9Lunatic Udon 10Lunatic Udon 11Lunatic Udon 12Lunatic Udon 13Lunatic Udon 14Lunatic Udon 15Lunatic Udon 16Lunatic Udon 17Lunatic Udon 18Lunatic Udon 19Lunatic Udon 20Lunatic Udon 21Lunatic Udon 22Lunatic Udon 23Lunatic Udon 24Lunatic Udon 25Lunatic Udon 26Lunatic Udon 27Lunatic Udon 28Lunatic Udon 29Lunatic Udon 30Lunatic Udon 31Lunatic Udon 32Lunatic Udon 33Lunatic Udon 34

(C77) [革命政府広報室 (神谷涼、ラヂヲヘッド)]ルナティックウドーン(東方Project) [英訳]

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