Camwhore Kara Chan

It was one of the best fealings i ever had, she licked the base and cradeled my balls in her mouth and then started to deepthroat it, I pulled her head up and down and fucked her face, she was crying and moaning with pleasure all at the same time, I unzipped her pants and stuck my fingers in her pussy and it was soaking wet. [Graf Zeppelin (Ta152)] Variable Vipers II… Anyways she worked at my fathers burger joint as a waitress and had a reputation of being a bit of a slut, it was said that if you put a hundrad dollar bill on your table and stand by the bathroom and make eye contact with her, she would take you in there and give you the fucking of a life time! The second i had heard the men talking about it I wanted to know if it was true.

Hentai: Kara-chan

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