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i said “thanks babe” and harvey smiled back at me and got back into bed with me i said “harvey suck my dick” harvey went down to my boxer shorts and i said “not really” and started laughting harvey came back up to eye level he laid back down and turned away from me i said “babe” harvey answered me in a sharp term and said “what!!!” “dont be angry at me i was joking” i said harvey said to me “your not fucking funny” i said “o whatever harvey” harvey said to me “if your gonna be like that fuck off home” so i got out of bed and got dresses i didnt look at harvey but i could tell he was watching me i went towards the door and harvey jumped in front of it and said “babe dont go” grabbing my hands i said “well if your going to be in a pissey mood all day i am going home” harvey lead me back to the bed and started kissing me (this is only a one sided kiss) he tired to push me so i was laid on my back but i broke are kiss and stood up i said to him “how fucking cheap do you think i am” i slammed the dor behind me and went home

when i got home my mom said to me “you hungry son” i said “not really” my mom told me to follow her in the living room so i did and she said “sit down” so i did my mom said “leon how many meal have you had this week” i said “maybe 3/4 dinner time meals why” my mom said “why have you stopped eatting so much” i joked and said “every bride has to look good in her dress” and i started laughting my mom said “this isnt funny leonardo” my dad walked in to see what was going on he walked in and said “whats going on?” i found my voice and said “mom thinks im not eatting enough” i stood up and tired to walk out but my dad grabbed my rist and i said “let go of me!!!” so he did and i went to my room my cell kept ringing but i choose to let it go to voicemaill i really didnt want to talk to anyone if it wasnt brit calling it was harvey so i ended up turning my cell off my dad knocked on my door and i said “come in” he walked and said “im sorry i grabbed you” i said “really” in a pissey tone my dad said “yeah” i said “dont you ever man handle me again” it was only like 7/8 at night and i just went to sleep i had 3 thoughts going though my head my parents,my gorgous but pissey boy and brit and the baby

the next morning i woke up and something was around my waist it was a mans hands but just by looking at them it was harveys hands i turned around slowly to see my gorgous boy sleeping i said “harvey i know your alseep but i live and breath for you harvey i was born to love you and i always will” harvey smiled and straight after i knew he was awake harvey said “i love you to baby” harvey kissed me and i kissed back i told harvey that he need to learn to take a joke harvey said “baby i can take a joke but not when it come to parts of are relationship i cant” “harvey. harvey went to the local store and got some candy when he got back he handed me a bar of chocolate but i really wasnt intrested in it because i like my teeth being white.

Hentai: [Juna Juna Juice] Toga Rakugaki [Spanish][NTINFS]

[Juna Juna Juice] Toga Rakugaki [Spanish][NTINFS] 0[Juna Juna Juice] Toga Rakugaki [Spanish][NTINFS] 1[Juna Juna Juice] Toga Rakugaki [Spanish][NTINFS] 2[Juna Juna Juice] Toga Rakugaki [Spanish][NTINFS] 3[Juna Juna Juice] Toga Rakugaki [Spanish][NTINFS] 4[Juna Juna Juice] Toga Rakugaki [Spanish][NTINFS] 5[Juna Juna Juice] Toga Rakugaki [Spanish][NTINFS] 6[Juna Juna Juice] Toga Rakugaki [Spanish][NTINFS] 7[Juna Juna Juice] Toga Rakugaki [Spanish][NTINFS] 8[Juna Juna Juice] Toga Rakugaki [Spanish][NTINFS] 9[Juna Juna Juice] Toga Rakugaki [Spanish][NTINFS] 10[Juna Juna Juice] Toga Rakugaki [Spanish][NTINFS] 11

[ジュナジュナジュース] 渡我 落書 [スペイン翻訳]

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