[Galaxy Monooki (Hanaduka Ryouji)] Haruna-chan Self Heaven (To LOVE-Ru) [Digital]

Bart Engle stood under the burning needles of hot water as the day's tensions seemed to rinse away as easily as the grimey sweat and dirt that had accumlated during his job as a heavy equipment operator!!! At least four or five other men were also taking their showers, when the female operators came sauntering into the shower room, dropped their towels, and calmly took their places along side the men!!! Vicki was the red head with the the big boobs and plump ass, and no matter how hard he tried or how often he saw her, Bart just couldn't keep from getting a blue veined hard on right in front of her and everybody else!!! But thankfully, he wasn't alone in this hardon boat, because every single guy there was soon standing at attention as Vicki and Gail, a cute little blonde with a thick curly muff, casually washed and rinsed every part of their incredibly feminine bodies!!! They were a close knit bunch, this crew of operators, so when Gail playfully grabbed one of the guys dicks, it was soon a hodge podge of horse play that had a definite sexual tone to it, but quickly turned deadly serious when Vicki, not being able to control herself, dropped to her knees and began fellating big Jim Wilson to an incredibly hard orgasm!!! Soon both Vicki and Gail were on their knees with a line up of guys waiting their turn for the hot mouthed bitches, and incredibly, several of the men went through each line, taking advantage of the oral skills of both women!!! When all the men were finally satiated, Vicki and Gail got down on the shower room floor and with a sense of total abandon, ate each other to violent orgasms that left them both gasping for breath as the men clapped and cheered them on!!!

When just about eveyone had cleared out of the locker room, and had left for the day, Bart was combing his hair and buttoning up his flannel shirt, when out of the blue, the owner of the company, Rachel Benson, stuck her head around the corner and asked seriously, “Are you the last one here, Bart!?!” “Uh, yes, ma'am,” he replied, “everyone else is gone, so it's just me and you I guess!!!” Bart could tell right away that the fifty plus year old woman was nervous about something, so he turned to face her and softly asked, “Is there something I can do for you Mrs. .

Hentai: [Galaxy Monooki (Hanaduka Ryouji)] Haruna-chan Self Heaven (To LOVE-Ru) [Digital]

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[ギャラクシー物置 (華塚良治)]春菜ちゃんせるふへぶん(To LOVEる -とらぶる-) [DL版]

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